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We have high standards and take pride in all we do

Nishant Group is a diversified trading solutions provider headquartered in the UAE, with clients across the globe. Incorporated in 1988 as Nishant Import & Export Co. LLC, Nishant Group has grown in reach and scale over the years, powered by its team of associates spread across geographies. Nishant Group brings its expertise of 33 years to deliver best-in-class end-to-end solutions to its customers and its key strength is in forming strategic partnerships with organizations seeking to establish a strong presence in the GCC region.

The multi-disciplinary trading & services company provides 360-degree solutions to its customers – from due-diligence and sourcing, to financing and logistics. After early successes in Shipping, Petroleum Products and Metals, the Group is now primarily engaged in the business of trading services, contributing to global trade in a sustainable and responsible manner. Its worldwide customer and supplier base benefits from Nishant Group’s bespoke service model across the entire commodity value chain, that includes sourcing, marketing, logistics and storage, hedging and risk management, and structured finance solutions.

The Group’s global footprint, conservative risk management culture, expert market intelligence and experienced trading desk enables it to build strategic relationships across the industry, allowing it to provide customers with access to a diverse and steady supply of resources and services.

An organization with a rich heritage, strong management principles, robust processes, a solid foundation of ethical practices and time-tested standard operating procedures, Nishant Group provides critical trading expertise to large and small businesses across the world. It follows internationally acceptable SOPs, Risk Management frameworks and financial controls that lend the Group a distinct edge to in the global marketplace.

Buoyed by its robust internal accruals and its strong banking relationships, Nishant Group is able to provide customized financial solutions to its customers, even as its trading relationships give the Group a significant competitive advantage. The Group is a market leader in its niche segments and brings its specialist’s approach to delivering innovative solutions to its customers, while staying true to the tenets of compliance and sustainability.

Ethical practices are the very foundation of Nishant Group. As an organization that touches the world, it firmly believes in being a shining example of corporate governance and values-driven business for all the communities that it touches. Guided by its values of integrity, passion and customer-centricity, Nishant Group is committed to living by its values while creating value for all its stakeholders.